About Us

While still a relatively quaint ski town, Golden, BC is situated close to some of the biggest tourist destinations in the world. As a result, the Whitetooth Bistro has evolved to satisfy and impress both visitors and locals alike.

We value quality ingredients, proper craftmanship and the continuous creation of our menus to offer you something that is impressive without being pretentious. We never want our visitors to feel taken advantage of and we want our locals to always feel like we are a great choice. Fairly priced, with food created and served by real people, we want our guests, whether you are an integral part of BC mountain life or are a first-time visitor, to feel you were offered a complete and satisfying dining experience without any unnecessary ceremony.

For drinks that match the quality of our food we offer a large selection of BC wines, an everchanging craft cocktail list, and a rotation of BC craft beers.

The Whitetooth Mountain Bistro has been a staple of Golden since 2007. Along with The Whitetooth’s neighbouring brother bar, restaurant and live music venue – The Rockwater –  owners Stephanie Boose and Pat Legare have been proudly running both establishments together since 2014.

Thank you to all our potential first timers, our one-time stoppers, our once-a-year diners and our everyday’ers.

Owner: Pat Legare

Originally from Quebec City, you’d have to listen very carefully to be able to tell as Pat has worked just as hard in the industry as he has at getting rid of his Quebecois accent.

Leaving Quebec for the West in 1999, his first job was working at the Fairmont Chateau in Lake Louise. He learned a lot quickly, including English as his first job also included working in close quarters with a Newfie, a Kiwi and an Acadian from New Brunswick. For almost five years Pat worked for many departments within the company until taking a new opportunity at Atlific Hotels where he remained until moving to Golden in 2009.

Along with Steph Boose, Pat owns and runs The Whitetooth Mountain Bistro as well as The Rockwater Grill and Bar. The Rockwater is Golden’s premier live music venue which, outside of managing a team and slinging quality food and drinks, allows Pat the opportunity to be a part of the music industry and culture that he loves.Β  He has been booking and promoting live music and events for The Rockwater and the community at large for years. Pat is also one of three founders of Golden Sound Festival, Golden’s own music festival since 2013.

The Bistro, The Rockwater and Golden are home for the foreseeable future, where he enjoys his life with his two dogs, two cats and his wife, Kayla.

Executive Chef: Aaron Warnock

A local, Aaron has been cooking for about 13 years (8 years at this restaurant) and learned his craft right here in town. His mentor, a European chef who was recommended by the Michelin guide in Europe, was a chef he says was his main influence and taught him the finer points of cooking.

“I like to play around with ethnic flavours and combine with Canadian ingredients. Rocky Mountain fusion would be our guiding ethos”